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This was my first surgery ever (I’m retired). Dr. Lovy is very calming and ensuring. He took his time to explain the entire procedure and what to expect. On the day of surgery, he eased my nerves. He took time once again to ensure my questions were answered. Post surgery he has guided me on getting back to use of my hand while my wrist heals. I would recommend Dr Lovy

Mike Luckock

Fantastic Doctor. The best. I was in so much pain, I couldn't sleep. I had surgery on my right hand on May 2023 with Dr. Lovy and my symptoms were gone immediately after surgery. The sacar is very small. When I took my bandages out my hand looked very good. I am very grateful with Dr. Lovy. I feel that he gave me my life back. I will have surgery on my left hand for carpal tunnel with Dr. Lovy in June 12th 2023 and I am looking forward to it. I know that he will be impeccable, he is an amazing doctor and there are not enough words to express my gratitude.

Diana Iglesias

Both my hands were a mess with arthritis in my thumbs. After the shots were no longer effective I elected to have surgery provide some relief. Before the surgeries I could not grip the steering wheel so could not even drive. Right now my hands are almost perfect. Dr Lovy produced better results than promised. His team is first class all the way especially the ladies in physical therapy.

John Ruddy

Dr.Lovy did an amazing job on both my hands that had painful carpel tunnel. I was living with the pain and discomfort for months and didn’t understand why my hands were always numb. I am a mom of two boys and I wasn’t able to hold up a shampoo bottle long enough to shower my 5 year old. I made an appointment to get checked out finally because I couldn’t deal with it any longer. My first visit was so simple ,quick and effective. When I left office I had both surgeries booked and post op scheduled. It was all over in 2 weeks and that was the best decision I made thanks to Dr. Lovy. I have my hands back and I am so grateful and blessed all staff members were Amazing!! I had a great experience !!!! Thank you Dr.Lovey and his PA 🙂

Sonia Masri

Dr. Lovy and his team is the best! They have a great skill set knowledge in orthopedic care. Dr.Lovy took the time to explain my injury, recommend surgery, got me in quickly and reassured me that everything would be ok. He prepared me for any scenarios that could arise but with the reassurance and confidence that my injury will be resolved. I am so grateful I was referred to this team! From the beginning until the end, this was a seamless process with professionals who really care! Thank you team!

Christina Hilliard

Dr Andrew Lovy is a great Dr. Very helpful and extremely caring. His great knowledge of Orthopedic techniques are very high quality. I trust him. That says a lot. I highly recommend his experience and expertise. He helped my pinky finger and suggested surgery. It went well. With lots of therapy which is a must. Listen to your Drs. Thank you so much.

Heather Palmer

I LOVE DR. LOVY!!! I ended up breaking my ulna and radius and the ER recommended Dr. Lovy. I couldn't get an appointment, but then after a lot of due diligence, I was able to get one and I am forever grateful for that. Dr. Lovy and his staff, including Mike, Diana and Raven could not be more professional and treated me like a queen. Dr. Lovy and Mike's bedside manner stands out in my mind, as kind, caring and nurturing. Fixed my arm perfectly, he is a fantastic doctor and I highly recommend him for any hand, wrist, arm surgeries anyone may need. He is the best!!

Jennifer Golden

I had a torn left rotator cuff, resulting in significant pain and limiting movement of my left shoulder. Dr Lovy performed Left Rotator cuff repair and thanks to his excellent care and expertise, I recovered very well and soon was pain free. Physical therapy helped me regain strength and mobility. Now, 6 months later, I feel as though I never had a problem.

Sandra McDonald

My grandmother had a bad fall resulting in a broken wrist, elbow and hip. Dr. Burnham, Dr. Lovy and the rest of the team have provided excellent care from pre-op to post-op. A month later, my grandmother has had a great recovery. She's already walking, using her arm/hand for the most part, and feeling great. She will continue her OT sessions. We are very thankful!

Gabriella M.

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